Thanks Giving Tree

Moringa oleifera is a Giving Tree. 
We thanksgiving Moringa oleifera Tree.
 We are the largest moringa oleifera producer in Malaysia.
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Thanks Giving Tree  
Moringa Botanical White Dead Skin
Removing Cleansing Gel
Moringa cleansing gel
removes your dead skin easily.  
Its rich in phytochemical ingredients that nourish and whitening your skin instantly.
  Moringa cleansing gel and it textures
How to test the effectiveness:


Direction to use:
Visible "whitening" result Before and After

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Moringa help reduces inflammatory associate diseases for such as  arthritis, rheumatoid.
 Surprisingly, Moringa oleifera also help increase milk production of nursing mother. 
It a super nutrient food for nursing mothers!
Thanks Giving Tree  
Primafect  contains of
I) Gotu Kola / "Pegaga"  ( centella asiatica ) 
ii) Moringa oleifera leafs (daun kelor) 
iii) Moringa oleifera seed (Kacang kelor) 
iv) Ficus deltoidea ( mascotek )
           Please download for viewing of original size

  Please download for viewing of original size

Primafect contains Antioxidant, Anti-cancer & Anti tumor properties.  It prevent risk of growing cancerous cells.

Primafect is suitable for high risk group of individual for general health maintainance as well as an all cures prevention remedies for your whole family.

Who belong to high risk group?


1) Any of you in your family tree who diagnosed with tumors and cancerous cell.

2) Patients had been treated and cured in earlier.  There are possibility of recurrences.  ( regrows after treated )

3) Individual who are smoking, lack of eating fruit and vegetables, living at hazard environment, access drink alcohol, obesity, lower immunity defense system, exposure too much under the sun, aging group from age 40 and above. 


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